The Pre-Medical Division at GREEKS has a diverse mindset; it helps GREEKS and guides the medical profession aspirants at multiple levels. helps the students to know their motives and stay focused on them. It creates an optimum environment for a Time-Effort-Skill balance. It plays an important role as a facilitator for the students in understanding their roles, attributes, capacity and wellbeing towards their career. The professional environment at GREEKS is an advantage in itself over the impact it would make on their student's career. Joining the Pre-Medical Division of GREEKS has been one proactive step parents have been depending sincerely on since years.


It is a two years programme. Any student who currently studying in his/her 11th standard (science stream PCB group) can apply for this programme, it helps to improve their problem-solving skills. It basically improves the understanding of concepts and their applications.


It is a one-year programme. Any student who currently studying in his/her 12th standard (science stream PCB group ) can apply for this programme, This year long course helps to develop step by step strong foundation of concepts & fundamentals, and also to sharpen question solving, smart thinking and reasoning skills to ensure success. Complete Board syllabus, Physics,Chemistry &biology Practical and English are also covered for excellent marks in board.


This Year long courseis for students who have already prepared for NEET or AIIMS in past but could not get success due to certain loopholes in their preparation. Now they wish to prepare again to achieve success with a good rank, making the best use of the efforts put in the previous years. This course is also suitable for extra-meritorious students who so far has not prepared for Pre-Medical.


This course is for those students who have not started preparation till August and wish to utilize the time left efficiently to secure good rank in examination.This course covers the complete syllabus in a very effective & sequential manner, develops capability of using relevant short cut methods to solve questions in shortest possible time.